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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Another month has flown by! I apologize to all of my faithful followers (LOL!) for not updating sooner. Everytime I sit down to do this I think. This isn't that time consuming! Why has it taken me so long to update~! Answer is...wonderful God-given distractions!!! Regardless of what has hindered the update here it is nonetheless.
At the end of January Audrey and I got to surprise Papa Bear and GJo by flying to be with the family for Jacob's 1st birthday! I am soooo glad we were able to be there. He is such a tremendous joy to be around! It was phenominal to see his development in person. Holding him and watching Audrey interact with him for the first time was so very special. We enjoyed visiting with all of the Tuley's as well as the friends that came to see the AMAZING JACOB! Jeff and Julie did an AWESOME job with the whole birthday celebration!
In February Josh was given another route. That has been an answer to prayer because it has enabled him to step out of driving and just manage. GOD IS GOOD! It has been a welcome transition and he is so grateful for the additional time he has with Audrey. He has ejoyed a golf round or two and been busy fixing up things around the ranch. Never a dull moment! I have continued working from home and love working in my pajamas on occasion. I helped coordinate a baby shower for a friend from church. We are lucky enough to have a young woman in the church who makes cakes. I had to throw in a pic of her baby shower masterpiece. Julie she was amazed by your cake as well! At the end of February it snowed here in Texas. We got 4-5 inches of snow and it was beautiful!!! We built a snowman, made snow angels, ate snow and got very cold but it was a memory we will never forget! Enjoy the pics! May God bless you today and always!

Jacob says "Aunt Jamie it is way to early for pics!"
And so they meet

Papa Bear and GJo with their miracles!
~Look at those strong legs~



Uncle Biggie is already teaching Jacob the ropes of piloting and Audrey was all about it~!

Jeff''s Grandma GG and you GG!

AWWWW so sweet

I caught her red handed. It's her new hiding spot...scary


So beautiful I had to share

Our Snowman

He just couldn't resist...


  1. did it.!!! great blog Jamie. I need those pics on my computer. See you in 2 weeks from today...Audrey...GJO and Papa bear are coming to see you.

  2. Now that's more like it! :) I LOVE the picture of Audrey in the's beautiful. Also, I like the one of Mom and Dad with J and AJ. Send that one to me. :)

    We have miracle kiddos don't we! :)

    Love you much!