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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day at the Park

I am watching 2 kids this school year to help a new young family at our church. They have 3 great kids...Seth (7) Kenna (3) and Deacon (1)...but surprise they're expecting!!! Jason is a Volleyball coach at the High School and Katy is a Science teacher. They moved here recently and needed a place to watch the kids while they work. I decided it would be good interaction for Audrey and the income would help me support my new business. All three kids were here starting August 11th. Now you know why I haven't updated the blog! We are finally in a routine and Seth started school the 24th so it's me and the crazy three! We have a great time together! Kenna is a huge help as she enjoy's playing mommy to the two younger children and keeps them in line pretty well when I'm not looking. We had our last big FUN day last week with Seth. We went to a movie and then ate lunch in the park. Well, if the truth be told, the birds and squirrels probably ate more than the kids but it was fun!

AJ of course!




And all the creatures under heaven

ate and were filled!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day With Presli...

We had such a great day with Presli on July 18th! We got to go see a model of her new house and swim in her pool. Her kitty Hogan even played with me!!! I really liked Hogan. He has a really long tail and I had fun chasing him around the yard trying to catch it~!


Friday, August 7, 2009

The Lopez Gang...minus a few

PawPaw Lopez...he's wrapped around my pinkie and I like it that way!

Uncle Brandon showing me how to wear a cap.

Big PawPaw (Nana's daddy)!

This is a serious matter! LOL
Daddy N Jon puttin on their poker face!
Kim, Tam Tam N Mommy looking pretty as ever!

The beautiful Chelsea n Me!

The Fairfield Fair Queen Melissa n Me!

Does it get better than this?
Me N Nana!

Me N Uncle Charles (PawPaws brother). I always get them confused.

My cousins Trace and Macey.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did someone say potty?

It's normal to hear Audrey scampering around the house, singing in her room, reading a book to Lobo (her teddy bear) or pulling herself up on th couch to sit in our laps.
But, one day last month we didn't see or hear her anywhere. We got a bit frantic if the truth be told. We were yelling her name and looking all over the house when finally we heard...
We ran in and found this...
She was so proud of herself!

We still don't know what went down the toilet but we haven't missed it yet so it must not have been too important.

She thought it was hillarious!

Her daddy gave her the step by step instructions
in toilet unplugging.

Not exactly what we expected our first experience with the potty to be, but funny none the less.

Mommy N Me...

This is my Mommy!!!
She was pregnant with me in this pic and didn't even know it. :)

This is us now!

Here we are at the Lopez Family Reunion June 09'

This was Christmas 08' at the church Christmas Party.

I must have been a dreaming about Gramma Ruthie because we were celebrating her life the day this pic was taken.

Here's a pic of us in the Texas Bluebonnets March 09'.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy N Me...

This is my Daddy! He's handsome huh?

Here we are just last week!

He planted me a tree for my 1st Birthday that way I'm a part of the Rockin' 7 Ranch forever!

Thanks Daddy! I love it and I love you!


Just hangin out!