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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day at the Park

I am watching 2 kids this school year to help a new young family at our church. They have 3 great kids...Seth (7) Kenna (3) and Deacon (1)...but surprise they're expecting!!! Jason is a Volleyball coach at the High School and Katy is a Science teacher. They moved here recently and needed a place to watch the kids while they work. I decided it would be good interaction for Audrey and the income would help me support my new business. All three kids were here starting August 11th. Now you know why I haven't updated the blog! We are finally in a routine and Seth started school the 24th so it's me and the crazy three! We have a great time together! Kenna is a huge help as she enjoy's playing mommy to the two younger children and keeps them in line pretty well when I'm not looking. We had our last big FUN day last week with Seth. We went to a movie and then ate lunch in the park. Well, if the truth be told, the birds and squirrels probably ate more than the kids but it was fun!

AJ of course!




And all the creatures under heaven

ate and were filled!

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  1. I can finally see a little of Jamie in Audrey. How cute! Hope you have a great time in CA. You better post about that...

    Love you!