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Thursday, October 29, 2009


This was Audrey's first beach experience and she had a blast. We had fun chasing her in the sand and watching her run from the water. It was well worth the sand in places we won't mention. :)

Here's to sand in your eye...

Uh you didn't tell me the water was this cold...I'm outta here!

Hey that's my name! Daddy, did you do that?

That look is priceless!

They say like mother like daughter but we say
Like Gramma Jo like Audrey!

Do you see that fish that just jumped out of the water? Look way out there...oh that's you're Daddy.


We had such a great trip with Papa Bear and Gramma Jo. Thank you for all the memories!


Kinda went backwards sorry but this pic was too cute to pass up! By the end of the day AJ was'll soon see why.
We were shopping she was resting.

She LOVED the Sea Otter!!!

Daddy and AJ had some close encounters in the Petting Zoo.

Mommy, can I go swimming?

NO FEAR! She said OOOOOO Kitty... not exactly but close!

You wanna be careful with that beam up there?

Now that's a big kitty!!!

Papa Bear even taught me how to splash! That was very important for our next trip!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I know you wants pics...

but we are about to get a pretty bad storm so my satelite internet isn't cooperating. I promise I will get them posted this week. Then, next Sunday you'll have Halloween pics...YEAH!!! HAve a great week. Be a blessing today!


Okay so it's been 2 months since I updated this blog. I cannot believe how time has slipped through my fingers. I have set an alarm on my phone to remind me to update every Sunday.

There have been a few changes since the last update. I am no longer keeping the Seth, Kenna and Deacon because I have accepted an at home position with an insurance firm selling Life Insurance. As much as loved those kids this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Josh is still doing great with FedEx and looking to further expand his business after the holiday season. Lord willing he will step out of his truck in March so that he can just manage his routes. We are VERY excited for that day!

Audrey is continuing to grow and learn new words everyday. Friday nite she said "Bye Bye see you later love you". Of course, it wasn't quite crystal clear but everybody in the room caught it and she was soooo proud of herself. She is such a joy! I am so grateful the Lord has seen fit to allow Josh and I to be your parents Audrey!!! This Sunday at church she bowed her head and put her hands together when asked to pray. I lost it! I couldn't hold the tears back as I remembered years ago praying SO long and SO hard to have these moments that I am living out everyday now. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Here are a few pics of our beautiful blessing!