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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Getaway...

What a weekend!!! We met the Dave, Jess n Presli in Round Rock Saturday morning headed for San Antonio to go to Sea World. When a flood hit Central Texas we decided to delay our plans a day and make a weekend of it. We headed further south to Corpus Christi till the storm passed. We decided to make a pitstop so Audrey could get her first Chucky Cheese experience. Presli was a pro and showed Audrey all the in n outs of every game n ride there was to offer. Our little Audrey set her eyes on the HUGE rocking horse in the center of the building and rarely diverted her attention...even to eat!

Presli finally lured AJ to Thomas the train for a quick ride...

But Audrey made sure her Daddy took her on one last horsie ride!

Then it was off to the this picture!

Those girls are like peas n carrots...they just go together :)

SO DO THESE GIRLS!!! I love you Moose!

We made our way back to San Antonio later that evening and stayed at a hotel right across the street from Sea World. We barely slept a wink and it was time to go again. The first thing we saw was Sea Lions. Audrey was giddy!!! Then she heard the birdies calling. So we got some nectar and off we went...
Mommy fed them
then Mr. George introduced Audrey to Lucy. Audrey liked her so much...

she let her sit on her head!!! PRICELESS

We saw flamingos dancing, otters clapping and even alligators being friendly with the turtles.

She wasn't too sure about the Shamu Chef so she made Daddy stand by him.

She did however, love the REAL Shamu! Amazing isn't it?

She cheered the dolphins on while they performed...

then she pet the bottlenose dolphins in the splash tank.

I think she liked the HUGE fish tank the best...

We finished the day at the water park...

then grabbed some ice cream and hit the road for home!

Wishing you and yours the same...
till next time count your every blessing!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

EASTER 2010...

No pictures of her beautiful Easter dress (my bad)...No pictures of the finished eggs (my bad)...
Just pictures of the egg decorating crew and the hunt...ENJOY!

She's watching a little boy who stole an egg from her...attitude is priceless.
One there...and you end up with...



We had so much fun with Papa Bear and GJo here that I forgot to take pics! Here's a few we captured...enjoy!

Papa Bear Giving AJ a lesson in bubble blowing technique
She's not as good as Papa Bear yet...but she'd rather he be blowin'm in her face anyway!
Practicing our reading and writing with GJo

Coolest book ever! She can trace letters n numbers and the books wipes clean...BRILLIANT

Blanket tent n coffee with Papa Bear

Tinkerbell tent n tea party with GJo

Thanks for visitng blessed


What a magical day!
First I have to say THANK YOU to Kyla for such an amazing Birthday cake. Eveyone went on and on about how perfect it was. And delicious to boot! Audrey got every book known to man...I'm not kidding. If she starts school at 3rd grade level I won't be surprised. SISTER loves books!!! She got animal books, alphabet books, number books, music books, writing books, princess books and even a peter cottontail book...that really plays the song...ALL DAY LONG! Thanks GJO!
She had fun dressing up in her Tinkerbell outfit from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Julie and Jacob. She received some of the most adorable outfits. She opened a cash register, a tinkerbell tent, a tinkerbell etch a sketch, a tinkerbell talking lantern, a puppy in a purse, a glow station, a sand pail and shovel and even a motorized Barbie ATV! She's not lacking for entertainment. LOL
Little Girl Big Fun!

And they rode off into the sunset! (she's got a grip him...hee hee)