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Thursday, April 15, 2010


What a magical day!
First I have to say THANK YOU to Kyla for such an amazing Birthday cake. Eveyone went on and on about how perfect it was. And delicious to boot! Audrey got every book known to man...I'm not kidding. If she starts school at 3rd grade level I won't be surprised. SISTER loves books!!! She got animal books, alphabet books, number books, music books, writing books, princess books and even a peter cottontail book...that really plays the song...ALL DAY LONG! Thanks GJO!
She had fun dressing up in her Tinkerbell outfit from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Julie and Jacob. She received some of the most adorable outfits. She opened a cash register, a tinkerbell tent, a tinkerbell etch a sketch, a tinkerbell talking lantern, a puppy in a purse, a glow station, a sand pail and shovel and even a motorized Barbie ATV! She's not lacking for entertainment. LOL
Little Girl Big Fun!

And they rode off into the sunset! (she's got a grip him...hee hee)

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