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Monday, January 18, 2010

SHUT UP!...We have a blog?

2010 a new journey will begin!
Adorable outfit from Uncle Jeff n Aunt Julie and the movie up from Jacob that she watched 5 times in a row.
Finally a laptop of her own!

Can you tell she likes the puppy?

Hey everyone it's a TINKERBELL backpack!!!
Playing dominos with Uncle Charles

I swear she hasn't been drinking! It was literally 12:01 and she was STILL going strong if you can believe it! We didn't get her down till 2am and she fought it all the way!

Kenna giving Audrey a lesson on noise makers!

I swear I didn't forget that we have a blog. Life has just proved quite busy in 2010 already! I just haven't been able to get all my "systems" back in tact. Those who know me well are laughing hysterically b/c they know about my systems! I am the Queen of organization and I'm telling you I have had a hard time finding my groove since Christmas. Between raising Audrey, working, finding time for friends, planning and Emceeing the Church New Year's Eve Entertainment, teaching Sunday school, interpreting every other Sunday morning for the deaf, starting a singing group and beginning an adult class at church WHILE Josh works full time in a labor intense career, plans a Men's Retreat and teaches Timothy Class we are pooped! Now you see why I have to have systems! There are only so many hours in a day and lately blogging, while enjoyable, just hasn't made it to the top of the list. Yet the Lord always restores our energy somehow. Updating our blog again has it's rightful place in "the system".
This is our normal and we love it!
My work is going beautifully! I am excited to report that life insurance sales have been very consistent. Praise God! My employers have graciously allowed me to work from home since the week before Thanksgiving. We are soooo grateful! I only report to the actual office once per quarter now and spend the rest of my work hours in my home office. GOD IS SO GOOD! I have truely come to appreciate my God-given abilities in this field and never plan to leave it. Lord willing God will continue to bless my efforts.
Josh's business has had some craziness thru the holidays but things are beginning to calm down again. Driver changes, unforeseen route changes and management pressure have really taken a toll on Josh physically and emotionally. Please pray for his continued strength and smooth transitions. In the ever changing economy it's easy to lose sight of the fact that God is in control and he will bring us through whatever the world throws at us. I am soooo incredibly proud of the work ethic, integrity and insight that Josh has displayed through all the drama in recent weeks.
As you can see Audrey had a fabulous Christmas and New Years! She continues to surprise us. New words everyday, hillarious facial expressions and totally "off the hook" dance moves. Sister has some serious rythm. Frightening! Such an absolute joy to be able to influence and encourage all of her many talents. Thanks for visiting us today. I promise it won't be a month before you hear more from us.
Until next blessed!


  1. Hi Audrey its your GJO. We had so much fun in Nashville with you and Jacob. I hope you like your little tinkerbelle doll. We will see you at your house this next time. Love GJO

  2. C'mon Jamie...update this thing already! We all know you are far more organized than the rest of us at these get with it already! :)

    Love ya,

    Cousin Stacy

  3. Hi Jamie, I come to visit every day and no pixs of Audrey :-( You know Grans around the world hang on our daily fix of "granbaby" pixs. Oh yes, pixs of you and Josh are fun, but we all know who is really the star of the blog! LU, MJT