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Monday, July 20, 2009

WOW! We're bloggin now...

We thought this would be the easiest way to share a piece of our life with all of you! So many of our family and friends ask me to email pics of Audrey. I am terrible about that! She's now 16 months old and full of energy!!! Oh My Goodness! I love taking pictures of her and I have a bazillion to share but they never seem to make it to the email. I am sorry. We'll dash through her last 16 months and blog every major event from here on out! That may mean you get an update everyday as there is always something new and exciting with her.

She is our MIRACLE child! Josh and I tried for 5 years to start a family but God kept saying ...not yet. His timing is always perfect! We found out that we were pregnant on our 9 year Anniversary. We were overjoyed and have made Jeremiah 29:11-13 our family motto. Even when we don't understand why things are not going our way we lean on this scripture for confirmation of the bigger picture. GOD delivers everytime! We had Audrey March 20, 2008 and our life has never been the same. She is an absolute joy!

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