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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cool and the Gang

Presli 18 months & Audrey 9 months
Laney 3yrs old and Audrey 3 months old

Danielle 8yrs old, Dylan 5yrs old and Audrey 1 month old

Naomi 8yrs old and Audrey 13 months old

It is so cute to watch Audrey interact with her closest pals. It is amazing how her eyes light up when she plays with other kids. Presli is teaching Audrey everything she knows about smiling for the camera. Boy can that girl cheese! Laney sings on cue and captivates Audrey's attention with her rendition of "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone...". This was a rare still moment for Laney! We love her and Gavin to peices! Danielle is a great "big sister" and is always aware of AJ's whereabouts. Dillon plays with her every chance he gets. Well, when he's not runnin around with Titus. That Titus is a whole other story. We'll get to him shortly. First we have to share a bit about our Nomi. She is very special to us. We don't get to see her often but when we do it's a barrel of laughs.

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